Ch. Karnchang-Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd., as its name implies, is a co-investment company established by Ch. Karnchang Co., Ltd. of Thailand, and Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd. of Japan, in July 1981 mainly for the purpose of engaging in the construction line of business in Thailand as well as contributing as possible towards the economic development of Thailand.


Since its establishment in 1981,our company has successfully undertook a wide range of construction projects from both the Government sector and private sector ; from medium-sized to very large-sized projects. The construction projects successfully constructed by us included highways, expressways, bridges, harbors, stacks (chimneys’), hospital building, airport facilities, and flight catering facilities, office buildings and factories.


We have increased our humans resources from a fewemployees at the establishment of the company to over 200 employees presently. As for the management of the company and our construction technology, we believe we have combined the best of Japanese ways and locally Thai ways to produce very efficient and high- quality team work and technology for construction in Thailand.

 We received the ISO 9001:2015 certification on November 16, 2018 for the provision of construction of buildings, factories, warehouses, road works and landscape works including design and build of factories and warehouses.


We also specialize in Design and Build works for various kinds of factories as we have our team of Japanese and Thai architects and engineers to discuss, make planning and do the design work for our clients and we also support our clients to get the construction permits.